Bubbles, bubbles, lots of bubbles!! And Action!

A lot of my recent sailor mermaid paintings are inspired by a swimsuit I own from Hot Topic. It’s the Sailor Moon one.

In this installment, I tried painting hyper-realistic bubbles. I think I failed at it. However, I don’t think they ruin the picture. The picture isn’t realistic anyway.

As for the tail, I tried to paint reflective water. I think it came out correctly. However, as a means of coloring/filling in a tail, it kind of gives off a decorated appearance. Especially without any nearby references.

I made a poster of it using Wal-Mart print services and sent it to a friend(she paid for it). I was testing it out. She told me she was very happy with it and visitors love it when they see it.

This one I added bokeh effects to using an iOS app. I like additional sparkles.