Yuri on Ice Amigurumi Art Dolls 

A request from my cousin. I watched a few episodes of this anime and dropped it. It wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m not too big into sports anime.

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I watched it purely to learn a bit about the characters she requested.
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While these dolls are reserved, if you or someone you know is interested in owning a custom anime character crocheted doll, I can make them. They cost $75 each.

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  1. Tami says:

    These look great! 😀

    1. MikuSama says:

      Thank you very much!!

  2. IN LOVE!!! Yuri on Ice is a really good anime! I’m not too much into sports anime either but this was one I surprisingly liked, maybe cause the slight boy on boy love between Yuri and Victor? I’m not sure if this anime is considered Yaoi or BL or whatever, but the relationship between Yuri and Victor is the main reason I watch it <3

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