Senpai!! I got it! I got the moe!!

Who is this senpai and what is this moe?

I am finally accomplished moe art style to my satisfaction!

I have been attempting the moe for quite some time now. Mainly, like a week. But yeah, quite some time! Moe is an anime art style. It’s like a certain type of cute. If you need more depth, check out the wiki on moe. I, Miku-sama, cannot explain everything, geez. It’s not easy being a self-proclaimed kamidere. Obey me.

I’m very pleased with my result. I can sleep well now. Not that there has been anything getting between my beauty sleep and I.

What do you think? Did I capture the essence of moe in your opinion? I want to make her a sticker. She shall be a sticker. Yasss!

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Avi art from, reference photo.

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