The story of Sailor AroAce Pride Art Design

So a few days ago I got the desire to to own a t-shirt with aroace pride. I surfed through a few sites, including CafePress and Redbubble. I didn’t want a simple logo design. Then I thought, “Why don’t I design one for myself!!” So I combined two things that I relate to; asexuality/aromanticism, my orientation, and Sailor Moon, my first anime. I used a flash game on DollDivine to play around with color schemes. Thou aren’t too old for dress up!
Dress up games are fun. Also useful for designing ideas and stuff. As usual, the designing process started with a sketchbook. I drew it out and outlined it with a fine point Sharpie. Then I went to bed because it was Friday night and beauty sleep is a must. Saturday rolled in and I painted my sketch and crocheting a cat plush.

I wanted to create out of my comfort zone. I like my David & Rowley tube watercolors so far. I spotted them at Wally World(Wal-Mart for the normie readers) and decided my countless pan paints, watercolor pencils, crayons, markers, and other art supplies weren’t enough. Because one can never have enough art supplies for coloring. It’s fact. Ask any artist. The nice thing about these tube paints is they don’t overpower my line art the way my pan paints do. Well, this plan partially flopped.  I could not mix purple for the life of me. I wound up with a nice skin tone brown on the bright side. Thus I used my pans. As you can see below, I’m the world’s tidiest artist in existence. Yeah, right. Anyway, while painting I listened to a rebroadcast of Ted Radio Hour on screen time.It’s a two part series. I’m a huge podcast junkie and often listen to them while I work. It’s free audible entertainment. The two episodes combined was 2 hours long. By the time it ended I      finished the painting. Probably, I don’t measure my start and finish times. I took a picture of it using my iPhone 6 near my window sill, allowing natural daylight to capture it. Then I did some touching up on it using Gimp(a powerful open-source photo editing software, similar to Photoshop). I added a transparent background by adding an alpha channel to the original piece, I computerized the white area in the painting. The photo itself has a grayish off-white color for white. In watercolor, the background is white, if you’re using white watercolor paper. After all that jazz, I uploaded it to my shop on RedBubble. They have a bit more options for on-demand prints so I went with that service instead of Printful for now. Perhaps I’ll add custom phrases to my Printful shop. Anyway, after editing products, adjusting and all the fun management stuff, Sailor AroAce was up for sale.

Of course, I had to send a screen shot to my aro ace friend. She approved it. She said she loved it. Of course, I’m god and everything I make is gold  I showed her gratitude by responding with “Thank you.” I must say the model has some really fabulous hair in the mockup photo and I’m a bit jelly of that poof!

Onto you, reader. What do you think of the artwork Sailor AroAce? Feedback is wanted but not required. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day!

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