Fan Art Friday’s! Ezra from Fairy Tail[Photo Spread]

Today is the day that I will draw something that I’m proud of!! -Grateful that it turned out well. Yeah go me! It’s Lightening Equip Ezra Scarlet from Fairy Tail.   Tons of reference photos from the internet.

Fan Art Friday’s!!! Lucy Heartfilia Watercolor

So I’m boarding the transfer bus this fine Thursday morning to college. The usual. I bring my sketchbook with no prior plan on what to draw. While I wait for the bus to leave the terminal I ponder on what I want to draw. I want to search the Pinterest machine to inspiration but my…

The red headed MikuMarmalade avatar

Avatar originates from website Gaiaonline   Oh boy did I enjoy drawing that hair. I accidentally painted a horn red forgetting it was a horn and not another spike. I formally blame this on watching anime while painting. Moral of the story, don’t paint and watch TV kiddos. Red stuff gets in undesirable places. Mwuhahahaha.