Ran and the Miku bikini cosplay

This adorable diva doll. She knows her kawaii factor is through the roof.

So far no one has asked her out to the beach. This is a huge problem. She is dreaming of blindfolded watermelon massacres. I don’t know where she gets these ideas(all the summer episodes in anime) 

Anyway, one day maybe I’ll be able to take Ran to the beach. She can’t go swimming unfortunately, being made of yarn and all.

Ran Cosplaying As Miku in a Bikini

Where does the name Ran come from? Sure I’ll tell you. Literally no one is wondering. My first super large amigurumi(crochet technique that makes 3D items) doll was named Aya. My second was Miyu. The third was Luna. What?! Unicorns are important. The fourth is here Ran. Yes, a SuperGals reference. Though they only share names. These girls are not owning Shibuya. 🙂

Because one shot isn’t enough, duh!

Look familiar?

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