A rad punk Miku look(watercolor painting)

You seem to replace your brain with your heart– oh wait… wrong singer. Miku is wearing a heart purse, it’s supposed to look semi-realistic but have an element of fantasy to it. That’s why on her shirt there’s no heart. We all know what’s inside of her purse as well– a wallet, cell phone, keys,…

Toadette+ Juri Crossover

Hey, Homura!! I have a riddle for you! What happens when you mix a street fighter with a Mushroom Kingdom citizen? Watch the video and find out~

Toshiro Hitsugaya Amigurumi Plush

Aaaw he is going to chop you up with his sword. He is very threatening. He is very dangerous. –Because he’s so gosh darn cute. He thinks he’s gonna cut someone. In reality, he can’t harm a fly. You know, being made of yarn and having a plastic play sword isn’t effective for battle. But…

Jigoku Usagi(crossover art)

Another fan art crossover of Hell Girl(Jigoku Shoujo) and something else. In this installment, it is Usagi Tsukino, better known as Sailor Moon. I am liking this more than Jigoku Miku. Perhaps it’s the moon background. Anywho, which crossover from Hell will I create next? Mwuhahahahaa– *chokes on leek*

Jigoku Miku(crossover art)

  A grunge filter makes it look aged. Added creepy factor. 😈 I’m watching Jigoku Shoujo season 4 at the moment. I decided to draw Miku as Jigoku Shoujo. It’s such a good show. I’m really not accustomed to drawing my eyes in this style. It was a challenge which I can see rather clearly….

Amigurumi Artemis and Luna photo gallery

Everyone crocheter should crochet a cat. It’s like a right of passage. You crochet a granny square then a cat. Then you crochet a hoard of them and wonder what you’re doing with your life. Introducing Luna and Artemis. Because of reasons. I gave them to my cousin for Christmas of 2016. Freehand amigurumi cats.

Behold– a cat girl!~

Because the world could always use another portrait of a cat girl.~ I love how I colored her in greyscale colours. I’ve never done that before. If I ever wanted to not have colour I’d digitally take the color away, using a desaturation tool on a photo editing software.