Hey Homura!! So lately I’ve been on an ecchi, mildly lewd drawing spree. I know, I usually draw chibis. Change. It’s a beautiful, inevitable thing.


I don’t know why I keep drawing things late at night as I’m a morning bird. I draw it. It looks super flawless! Then the next morning my facial expression after seeing it looks something like this.

Like what the heck happened to the bottom left boob? It’s like sliced and missing. Yeah, that’s… uh… scary. Nightmare-ish.  Ha ha, let me stop. It’s not that bad.

Thankfully, that error was easy to fix digitally. I needed to add a line is all. I have fallen back in love with making digital art. Woot~

I still love watercolor, and cannot do digital art 100% digitally. In fact, all of my digital art over the past two years or so have bases in traditional art. I sketch it first, then scan it. It has gotten  HELLA easier to color scanned photos using Sketchbook Pro on iPad by Autodesk. I used to have to take a photo, transfer it to my computer, and edit it using Gimp to make it where I could color it using layers. Yeah, a very tedious process. Now all I have to do it take a picture of a sketch and Sketchbook will scan it AND give the option to make it transparent. Nice.

Sketchbook also has a feature that allows you to record your process. I’ve been using this feature for a bit to create speedart. The latest iOS 11 update has a built-in screen recording function. I may play around with that since the Sketchbook app only records the digital canvas itself, not any tools used.

So yeah, Homura. That’s all. I know I haven’t written to you in a minute and you missed hearing my lovely words. To be fair, AT&T had a network outage that lasted 2 weeks. Yeah, 2 weeks of limited internet. None of my devices could connect unless I was at school. You know how I am about work-life balance. I try not to mix the two.

AT&T should compensate me for that unfair treatment with a box of yarn. I would like yellow, white, royal blue, red, and black. Thanks. I know what you’re thinking, most people would like a discount on their bill. Well, I’ll have you know I’m not most people. I’m Aoi.