It’s always a perfect occasion to adorn yourself in yarn~


Zephyr(the giant amigurumi doll) and I visited my family on my holiday break. I recently completed my red crochet Lolita inspired dress and was eager to wear it out!

What do you do when you take photos in a dress with flair. You twirl and regret life decisions.


Even though it appears that I’m about to break out and dance, rest assured. This rhythm-less yarn addict is only here to twirl


After a twirling session, Zephyr and I tagged along with the fam to the mall. Inside of a department store, we checked out some makeup. We saw glittery matte lipstick!!! Wooo, unicorn makeup! So like a good trooper(or bored because the rest of the mall wouldn’t open for about an hour) I tried on various makeup stuff. The lipstick sounds good in theory but in practicality it’s not that great. Like removal is a bitch. I use coconut oil which is like the oxy-clean of makeup remover. Of course I use it at home, which isn’t helpful at a makeup counter in a department store. RIP, the many tissues and makeup remover used. Especially since it’s single use.

Also tried Fenty foundation. I actually loved it. Geez it’s so lightweight on your face but coverage is like amazing. I’d especially love it in the summer!!!

Zephyr sat happily and obediently while I struggled to look like I didn’t savagely eat a unicorn face first. An employee who was walking on the floor helping whoever needed it glanced over at Zephyr and was about to ask if she lost her parents.

Zephyr is a troll.

I left the store wearing black and pink. I didn’t take a photo until I got back to the house because I was having family time. It was fun.