Colored pencils. Great, portable, coloring tools. A bitch to always need to sharpen them. So colored pencils are “new” to me. I’ve used them in the past. Didn’t really care for them. “Ugh, you have to sharpen them all the time.” -Artist first world problems. The real bitch is when you sharpen them so much they become a nub. No one told me about this! *Cry*


Well anywho, that was then. 2018 me decides that I’m going to give into my impulses and buy a pack of Prismacolor premier colored pencils from Wally World. Because it’s common knowledge that all artists hoard art supplies, duh. Some end up getting good use. Others go into the abyss of good intentions. I’m looking at you, Tunisian crochet hook. RIP.

I also buy another sketchbook. Because clearly, one cannot have enough of those. In my defense, I did not have one with that paper or size. My gosh, you’d almost think I was bad with money. And you’d be wrong unless we’re talking about walking by a Teavana. I don’t why but every time I walk by Teavana I suddenly think I have $40 to drop on a pound of loose leaf tea. My wallet disagrees. My heart says who needs to pay bills? That’s what adults do –my gosh what tangent! This started out with colored pencils and somehow we’re talking about tea?!

(Psst.. this is how you know a fat girl is writing this blog)


So a few of my sketches were not worthy of an iPhone snap, so they exist in the real world space only. Then I draw this gem, heavily inspired and references from a fan service photobook of cute anime waifus from various anime shows. Mai-Hime, Mai-Otome, Shuffle, and others. An acquaintance of mines gave it to me for Christmas last year.

After drawing that, I was hooked. I thought to myself, this almost looks like an actual print. If not for the obvious sketchbook paper and some lineart errors, I’d say it was printed from the interwebs. Okay, ego you can leave. But seriously, I was uber proud of my work. The colors lay so smoothly and well. The nice thing is, colored pencils are portable! So I can color in class like the rebellious student that no one should aspire to be like! Kids, don’t draw in class. Not the place. (who am I kidding, I regularly crochet in class…)

A theme that I’m vaguely following is fan art. Purely stuff that I’m doing for the fun of drawing it. I do frequently draw original stuff. But I wanted to draw a bunch of Disney princess stuff for some reasons. Of course, there’s a twist. Disney chibis in school uniforms. Sounds fun.

Anyway, here’s a gallery of what I’ve produced so far:

I should mention that my reference photos are included in the slideshow. It’s obvious which ones they are.

Moe Snow White is moe.