Some things has been cooking in the house of MikuMarmalade. You know, when she isn’t answering calls at work. Call center life, y’all. I have been writing on this site for a little over a year now, after having to remake it due a cyberstalker. It’s an ex-friend type, not romantic. So I won’t be on the news because of some deranged ex-lover…probably.


That moment when you actually play the stereotype of a call center rep with nails. But then decide to chop them because you can’t play Ocarine of Time on your 3DS. Y’all, I got commitment issues…

Anywho, my site does not, well,  get much love. I get it, traffic is SUUUUPPPPERRR hard to get to a new site in an age where there are a gajillion sites out there. I’m honestly honoured when it gets any traffic.

Aaaw someone noticed little ol’ me?







Tangent aside, my blog is an extension of my ecommerce portion. However, as one with the superpower of invisibility would go, I don’t make sales. I’ve at least 50 products or close to that now.  Most are print on demand types of stuff. Others are crocheted pieces. To boost my traffic to get more of those sweet eyeballs on my work to hopefully make some coin, I’ve decided to swallow my pride and re-open my Etsy shop.


Now, I never want my Etsy shop to outshine my shop here, aside from the traffic part. Etsy is a global marketplace. is a e-shop that 2 people on the planet earth pays attention to. Myself included… I have my crocheted doll listed on Etsy but will not add the print on demand works. Due to the general lack of sales overall that they bring me(not just here, my Redbubble suffers a similar fate) and Etsy fees, I decided to focus on listings that may bring a larger profit margin. Print on demand types of things tend to bring in $5 or less depending on the item. Most goes to the production of it.

My items on Etsy that are seen here cost more on Etsy for a few reasons.

  1. Etsy has listing fees. It costs me .20 per listing. On my website, it’s nothing more than what I pay to host my site annually.
  2. Etsy has processing and sales fees. I think it’s a 5% fee. Add that to a Paypal fee if a buyer uses that.
  3. Here I offer free shipping to my crocheted pieces as well as a $5 coupon of the next purchase for first time customers for joining my mailing list. If one was to buy here over Etsy it would mean the world to me and I’d want the person to know that.


I know Etsy has more trust than that MikuMarmalade chic no one’s ever heard of. I just charge extra for that trust.

Anywho, if you sell on multiple platforms do you adjust prices or streamline everything? Comment your thoughts below on why or why not?

Anywho, toodles~