So this past Wednesday I was taking my lunch break from school when one of the cafe workers in the coffee shop asked me how much I would charge to make her a Link hat. I told her I don’t sell or accept commissions. Then that was that. Or was it? I felt rather ambitious and wanted to take a break from my amigurumi projects. So I decided I’d whip one up for her by surprise.

The first draft came up horribly in my opinion. I had this weird beret/cone beanie hybrid. So I did the hardest thing a hooker does, I frogged it.

… My amigurumi dolls are implying that I’m wrong. The hardest thing for a hooker to do is not buy yarn when she has enough yarn.

Silly amigurumi dolls. One can never have enough yarn.

Anyway, so I completed it and took selfies in front of my building after taking out the trash and before headed back indoors.

I can’t wait to see a happy cafe worker.

So Homura, where’s the pattern link.

Crochet Link hat by Whistle and Ivy

I do not own nor make the pattern. I followed the rim part of the hat then in true MikuSama fashion, did my own thing because I don’t follow directions very well.