So this is a story all about how my life got– oh wait.

I decided to cosplay as Ariel on my 29th birthday. I am entirely convinced that I’m indeed a mermaid, well at least in swimming pools. Hurray for finding an exercise that is enjoyable that doesn’t feel like work. I had a few personal goals outside of cosplay that I wanted to experience. One, no social media for the day. I give myself a 90, I posted this pic at the end of the day on Instagram after dinner and lurked Reddit. However, throughout the day I spent it in the real world and with my dad. He bought me a watercolor set, paint brushes, and a toaster cell phone charm, all of which I picked out from Michaels.

Onto how the cosplay came to life! I was eyeballing this Cosplay fabric from Yaya-Han’s cosplay fabric line at Joann in January. I just had to have it. When February rolled in I bought a yard of it. During that time there was a coupon for it. A yard original costs around  $20. The coupon brought it down to $10.  Woot! I bought a skein of purple chunky yarn from Wally World and two skeins of Cherry Red by Red Heart Super Saver. Then I got to work on Miss Mannequin to create a seashell bralette right away.  The seashell bralette is freehanded. I broke down possible shapes that would create a seashell bra on Ariel and put it together in real life. The wig was easy breezy, I make them for myself very frequently. This is one of my longer ones. I messed up slightly on the bangs. Ariel has a side swept look, my bangs are in the middle. That’s so not Ariel, I know right?! Then again, Ariel doesn’t have elf ears either. ?

The fabric experienced a different fate. I stored it away for a while and played video games until I felt like touching the fabric again, which was a convenient three days before my birthday. Possibly a procrastinator, I’ll let you be the judge of that. I decided an impromptu high low skirt when I took it out. It just “spoke” to me that way. Yeah, I know, fabric is inanimate and cannot speak. I broke out my sewing machine, who was happy to get some love, to sew a straight stitch down the middle front. You can see it if you look closely. On the brightest note, no sewing needles were sacrificed. As a self-taught seamstress, there have been numerous needles that had snapped because of various reasons. Wrong sewing thread, overestimating fabric capable…Surely I can sew this many layers of fabric without messing up the– gee willikers!” A funeral for machine needles is needed. Also known as throwing them in the trash. I have improved since said days. Mainly because I’m a cheapskate replacement needles costs money that I’d prefer not to have to spend because I keep massacring needles.< b>–twisted upside down. Okay, no Fresh Prince opening– especially since this is the end of a blog post! *Miku smacks me with a leek*


Until next time dear reader, I hope you have a wonderful day and unleash your inner merfolk!!! Because sparkles can be slightly overpowering here’s one shot without the sparkly goodness.