So you’re curious about that Promoted Listings thing, aye?  What does it do? Is it worth it? Is it really expensive? Do I need to be at “XYZ” level to begin?

I can’t answer any of those as I’m a newb. What I can say is that having good listings(good photos, utilizing/understanding Etsy SEO, etc) is helpful and I’d argue necessary before using Promoted Listings.

I’ll put it like this, using Promoted Listings without the good listings is like paying for ad space in the mall for your bakery when you add too much sugar to your cookies. Sure, it’ll work somewhat, but it’d work better if you didn’t try to sell diabetus-the cookie.


Back to the newb at hand, I re-opened my Etsy shop in May. Since then I’ve had one sale(I know, I’m rolling in the dough about to quit my job and everything…) What I’ve learned after trying Promoted Listings for about a month is.

It definitely helps with getting more visits/favorites, as can be seen below.








As you can see there was a spike in total views overall. In May/June, 66% of my shop views were from direct sources(i.e. websites that linked directly to my Etsy Page) and in June/July 39.7% were from Other Etsy Pages and Promoted Listings trailing shortly behind that with 37.9% of total views.


All that being said, would I recommend Promoted Listings? Well ,yes and no. Yes do so to experience what it does for your shop if you can spend the money to do so. I have a full-time job outside of MikuMarmalade so I have a bit of spending money to test things(but not much.)

However, I’ve heard through the Grape Vine that Etsy is combining Google Shopping with Promoted Listings. So I’d err on the side of caution if you’re not sure how things will go financially.  I don’t know much about Google Shopping but I’d assume it’s a different beast and probably more expensive. I intend to try Promoted Listings again closer to the holiday season. Hopefully I’ll be able to bid the same amount. We’ll see though.


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Have a fantastic day!