Crochet Punk Fashion Doll

Pretty ‘n’ Punk Crochet Doll

Oh hey, y’all!

Here’s one of my latest creations as of posting it.

She’s a punk goth inspired doll. I kinda just went along with the design as I made it. She first had the Starry Night Van Gogh eyes. Then I wanted Van Gogh hair.

Lastly I made the art piece for her. Of course she can be found here in my store as she’s not too costly to ship. I also made stickers for her. I’m new to sticker making. I don’t have fancy equipment like a Cricut nor do I have Cricut money. But I do have a wireless printer. So I bought those inexpensive labels for making stickers at Walmart and coat it with a waterproof gloss Mod Podge.

They’re cute and all but I think I’d like to see a higher quality in them. I’ve heard of vinyls so I may try that at some point.

Anywho, thanks for stopping by. Check out my store if you haven’t already and join my mailing list if you’re interested in owning any of my work. First time buyers will get a free shipping coupon code on any yarn related items.

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