Sailor Moon Watercolor Portrait

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So I’ve been trying to draw and create a “style”. I know I already strayed somewhat. Whenever I’m trying out a new concept I love the Sailor Scouts. They’re like my favorite drawing muse. I’ve drawn them so much I tend to remember(most) details about each of them. Plus with the interwebs, any forgotten information is just a click away.


Annnyyywwhoooo, I intend to make the other outer senshi. As of now I have Chibi Usa(Rini for the 90’s only dub weebs, seriously watch the updated ones. Uranus and Neptunes aren’t “cousins”) and am working on Sailor Saturn. I will have Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus in my next installment.



Maybe I’ll do the Amazon Quartet too. Because they’re awesome.


Welp, if you enjoy these, feel free to share.