Always. I work full-time. 10 hour shifts. I work out in the morning before work. It can be difficult t find the time to draw. I usually do it after work before bed. I know, I’d much rather watch YouTube or something. But I still make time for what matters– my sketchbook.


Late night sketches in between 10 hour shifts. An art freeb offer that I made for an art freebie forum. I still like bumbling on Gaiaonline. Though it’s pretty dead to most people I know. Man, the hay day of ’09 where TONS of people were on the site. They just HAD to nuke themselves by poor management and lootboxes that killed the Gaia economy. Luckily it’s much better now.



I used the Ibis Paint X app on my iPhone to make a transparent background after taking a photo of the art. They have a ton of free background photos. In the app there’s a folder for “Anime backgrounds- color”(they have black and white options). I grabbed it from there.


Of course Kanna and her ah-dorable self had to photo bomb it.

Reference photos are nice…

Anywho, toodles〜🎵

I am working on yet another avi art piece. I just painted it after work. I really love how it came out. I’ll be making a post about it soon enough.