Clearly my attempt at making a eye catching title could use work.


This was a commission by a colleague for her daughter. The hair was my favorite part so far. I used crochet hair that is meant for crochet hairstyles. It’s a pretty useful technique and super easy, especially a 4C texture. It can be worked right into the stitches.

The glasses are just reading glasses from any old store. I bought them at my local Michael’s Craft supply shop.

Of course, as usual she’s completed free handed.

You can see the beginning stages of how all my dolls come to be. I typically start with white yarn so I can “dye” the yarn a skin tone of my choosing.

I’ve been asked why I don’t use skin tone yarn. Yeah, so when there’s a yarn company that comes out with yarn colors that rival Fenty Beauty’s shade range, holla at your girl.

Until then I’ll dye my yarn. Thank you.

As you can see she is also wearing stud earrings. I mean crochet an ear and she can wear any old earring set.