I’ve been working hard(or hardly working) a line of scarves and hats. In my area rumor has it it’s going to be a colder winter. I mean I don’t expect anything extreme in the Peach state.

I have several new scarfs I recently added to my shop for sale. >>>>> Check it out <<<<<<<<

These scarves are $70 on my shop.

“Oh that seems high. “Some may say. Well I don’t think so. I take a lot of time to make each scarf that I crochet. At least 6-7 hours.

“Well crochet faster?” Some may suggest. Well I am a human not a machine.

After not selling a thing at my local flea market I re-evaluated my prices.  These are thoughts every artist/crafter must ask themselves.

What is my time worth?

I think my time to make a scarf of worth more than $35. Sometimes the material itself costs that much.  It’s not just the time I spend actually crocheting it either. I have to take a moment out of my already busy body full time job to go to a post office to ship it, take photos, ect. I must wake up earlier to do so.

How do I want my work to be received by a buyer?

Do I want to be the Wal-Mart of artisans or the Chanel of artisans? As stated I have a full-time job outside of my crafting so I can wait longer to find the right client who will love and appreciate my work and also be willing to pay for it.

I’m not going to undersell my work anymore.

My pieces were initially priced lower at first. But no one was buying them at the lower prices. I have sold some other pieces(not scarves but dolls) at a higher price than what I had them listed for previously. In fact, most of my crocheted doll commissions sold at a price of at least $50.

If no one is buying them at a lower price, maybe it’s that people perceive that I don’t value my time and work. I tried to be affordable, but I don’t think affordability was the reason for lack of selling with some frequency. I think all in all my lack of sales frequency can be boiled down to my work is not being seen by the right people, both in quality and quantity. Sure there are a handful of people who check out my work regularly and I appreciate them greatly.

However, it’s a handful of people. Like less than 10 people that I notice engage with my work.


Anywho, I hope you enjoyed the read. If you have any stories about changing your prices for your art/craft I’d love to hear about it. Until next time〜🎵