Oh hi there

I decided after months of being too cheap for my own good to bite the bullet and get vinyl paper for my stickers.

It was a glorious decision.

Seriously the difference is night and day. The paper costs $12.45 for 15 sheets. Why did I wait so long. Because I’m stubborn. It may have something to do with being an Sun sign Aquarius with a Rising sign in Taurus… just saying.

Anywho my stickers will soon be available on my shop here. For now there’s a couple of my Etsy shop due to Etsy seller app being very useful and convenient for creating listings. It’s leagues ahead of the Woocommerce app(which you can’t even create listings with) and the WordPress app is more or less useful for writing blog posts using WordPress.com.

Anywho, do you make stickers? What processes or mistakes have you made?