So I tried doing some experimentation with the art. Well from my usual, I suppose. The background, the hair, the eyes, the lips. All of of it strays from my usual over the top cutesy anime style. I don’t dislike it. On the background I was aiming for a sitting on a sheet set from a diy homemade photoshoot. Like one I’d make as a child. I still have photos of that photoshoot. It was great. And no cropping because I took it on a camera that you had to go to the store to have processed. Ah the 90’s. Kids these days will never know.

Anywho, I’m still making art and adding stickers. Some have made it to my Etsy before here just because adding to an Etsy shop is still easier on mobile than adding to Woocommerce. I’ve also updated my photo backgrounds to a more cohesive look. Soft pastel flowers that are blurry so that my stickers are in focus.