I drew my Bowsette from back when I drew her in the height of the Bowsette craze( Bowsette is forever. Fight me)

Original one.

I’ve gotten feedback that some like original more.

New ones looks too wiggly. One person said.

The old one is cuter. Another said.

I can’t say I disagree with the latter. I think the old one looks less threatening overall.

Why did I remake this? Well I have a sticker one Etsy with the original hat isn’t selling. It may have more to do with the price, as it’s 8 buckeroos and it’s done by Printful who charges me $3 to make it and another $3 to ship. Which is why I make my stickers at home now. If you take the processing fees from Etsy and whatever card payment and I’ll be lucky to end up with a dollar left.

So I considered printing it myself but dissatisfied with it I originally planned to just remake the line art and leave it as is. But the more I played around the more I became dissatisfied with everything else. Those proportions. Lawd.

Given the feedback I may stick with the original only changing a couple of things, like the mouth placement and the line art.

Be on the lookout for the newest sticker pack, which will include the new Bowsette, old and redhead Bowsette.