My lines are a lot cleaner and more dynamic now.

My highlights… well they aren’t a nightmare. I think they are a lot more subtle now. I did take some creative liberty and added a mouth because it looked weird without it.

Ehmagod I found out the blend tool. That face has a weird almost skeletal look at its kinda frightening. I do like the legs though.

The blend tool in the dress is appropriate I would say.

I’m going to take a gander and assume at this point I know what layers are and use them.

Again with the vague understanding of shadows. Highlights are a glorious nightmare. Like wtf. This aaa like 3 years ago too at the time of writing this.

First one I did way back when. I used Gimp. I almost forgot what took but those leg warmers gave it away. Gimp has a feature where you can essentially create an ombré effect in an area in various ways.

Still I had a general understanding of shadows. Not implemented greatly.