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So while there is a video above, if you can’t watch it because you’re at work/school, can’t have any audio, or frankly don’t feel like watching it(I’ve been there) here is a transcript of the reasons.

It can easily become a time waster if you are not careful.

It has become too demanding of its content creators.

It’s no longer a photo only social media platform.

In order to be seen by the algorithm you need to post Instagram stories, Instagram reels, Instagram TV ,and Instagram posts.

The algorithm affected my artist self-esteem when I would get no likes on a post.

I didn’t enjoy spending time on the platform. Sharing photos of my artwork felt more like a chore or a responsibility rather than something I looked forward to doing.

I did not find a community of like minded artist to network with.

It did not help me find more folks who may want to purchase my work.

When I posted I felt generally unseen and unheard. As if I was posting in the void.

These are just my reasons for not using Instagram anymore.

Share your experiences with Instagram, if you have them, by leaving a comment.

Otherwise, see ya next week