This is a journey that took place long ago.

Back when the wise men carried water in pails—- okay I’m kidding. This isn’t that important. But I did draw the first one about a decade ago.


So my friend said via text, you should like totes redraw that.

So I do what any self respecting artist friend would do, disregard it for a week and draw it later. 😁

You can see, I heavily referenced a guide on drawing shoujo manga eyes. Very good. Use references kids.

The skirt I opted to do a gradient on instead of the flat colors like before.

The hair was the trickiest part as I tried to balance the base with the rainbow ombré hair.

The background was a gradient tool I used in gimp in the original. Since I’m drawing on my iPad and using iBisPaint X, no such color tool exists as an exact match.

And I’m not about to download gimp just for that. D<