Crochet Punk Fashion Doll

Oh hey, y’all!

Here’s one of my latest creations as of posting it.

She’s a punk goth inspired doll. I kinda just went along with the design as I made it. She first had the Starry Night Van Gogh eyes. Then I wanted Van Gogh hair.

Lastly I made the art piece for her.

I also made stickers for her. I’m new to sticker making. I don’t have fancy equipment like a Cricut nor do I have Cricut money. But I do have a wireless printer. So I bought those inexpensive labels for making stickers at Walmart and coat it with a waterproof gloss Mod Podge.

They’re cute and all but I think I’d like to see a higher quality in them. I’ve heard of vinyls so I may try that at some point.

[Originally posted in September 2019]