So for a while I wanted to try my hand at “line-less work” scouring the internet for tutorials on how to do so with little to no help.

Turns out the term I used didn’t make too much sense.

Line-less? Who dat? I bet they don’t even pay their taxes. Pfft.

So instead of line-less work I began to see digital painting on Pinterest with taught me three valuable lessons. I’ve like applied this to much more than digital painting too.

1. Digital painting is about creating illusions using shapes.

2. Less is more. Like a lot of the time. Hair isn’t drawn strand by strand. Details of hair can be though.

3. Shade skin with warm and cool colors.

Nowadays I just straight up use blue on my chins when I’m doing skin. Even with traditional watercolor I add blue and dilute it.

(I forgot the damn eyebrows again. Ugh. It’s already on my wall so I ain’t taking it down. )

A bonus lesson I learned! In real life, there are both hard edges and soft.