Back to basics!! Crocheting beginner projects.

Oh look at me trying to be all hip with words! Basics. I’m never too advanced to take on beginner projects. I’ll refrain from being hip though. I’m too old for that. 30 is right around the corner. A few short years to yell at folks to get off my yard. I’m also going to need a yard first. Not a very effective old soul phrase when you live in a ten story apartment complex.

Tangent land, completed. So anyways, I made a pair of fingerless gloves with Kirby on it. Because Kirby is our lord and savior awesome. About a year later I bought some yarn to make a hat. That yarn got lost in the abyss of my yarn stash. Pretty sure it got emo and considered becoming the next Papa Roach or something. Alas, I used it before the yarn has the chance to gain a drummer!

Uh… I think we strayed into tangent land again. Oops.

Now I have a matching set. I’m hella proud of it. I painted on Kirby, Knuckle Joe, and Waddle Doo. All whom which look like a cheap knockoff because drawing Nintendo characters isn’t my forte. Meh, it’s comfy and warm.

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