Crochet Fairy Dress〜🎵

A beautiful crocheted dress design I freehand crocheted. This dress was originally created in 2016. Before was a thing.? I crocheted myself a fairy dress to go out on the town for a local LARP event a while back. I like to try various things out. Yes I’m intensely focused on whatever game I…

Weekend art shenanigans

Such interesting are these photos of art projects. /s This is how I spend my free time. So admirable and exciting, I know.

My not-so-stellar experience selling crocheted stuff

Disclaimer: This blog post is not meant to dissuade or discourage anyone out there who sells their crochet work or dreams of doing so. If you find your efforts are paying off, by all means, go make a killing!!  Hi. If you’ve spoken to me within that last couple of years, you’d know I’m very…

Orange Creamsicle Crochet Lolita Dress[Photo spread]

I just completed my latest lolita dress. I call it lolita because it’s the fashion type that I’m aiming for. Is it a perfect lolita? No, not by lolita standards(I’m not wearing bloomers. So scandalous!!!) Then again, what lolita makes their dresses out of yarn? None? Okay, I thought so as well. I’m being a…

The trend is on(crochet crop top)

I’m not a trend follower or anything. I am trying to make a quick buck to pay off loans(it’s available for sale in a local boutique, not online) Also, those leggings. They aren’t cutting it. Again, not a look I personally go for.