🧶 Hello Kitty 🧶

🎵Hello kitty, kitty. You’re so pretty, pretty. 🎵 K-k-k-kawaii!! Okay I’ll stop…. Hello kitty, you’re so pretty〜🎵 Crocheted cat that was commissioned for $25. I asked for $30 but $25 is better than $0. Which is what most people pay when they ask for stuff. Thus why I almost never commission anything.

Crochet Fairy Dress〜🎵

A beautiful crocheted dress design I freehand crocheted. This dress was originally created in 2016. Before mikumarmalade.com was a thing.? I crocheted myself a fairy dress to go out on the town for a local LARP event a while back. I like to try various things out. Yes I’m intensely focused on whatever game I…

Crochet 🧶 Akita Neru Doll [Throwback]

This Akita Neru was made years ago. It must have been when I first started painting eye details. As the title suggests, a crochet Akita Neru crochet doll. Akita Neru is similar to Vocaloid(I believe she’s an Utauloid, I’m not as into Vocaloids as I used to be) I made her years ago. You can…

🧶♥️Sailor Venus Amigurumi ♥️🧶

She’s my latest doll in the making. I tried using spray paint this time as my usual method is time-consuming. It works but the scent is strong. I may want to invest in an air spray system that can use acrylic paints. I felt her legs were stubby. So I added some length to it….

Sailor Jupiter Amigurumi joins the gang

A photo collage of periodic points of making her. Some shots were taken at night because weekends are the only time I can take photos in the day time. Her mouth went through a few iterations. And the whole gang so far. Next I’ll be adding Sailor Venus. Next weekend I’ll be uploading the video…