Promo: Crochet Dolls in Onesies

, I thought making onesies for my plushies would be a cute new addition. My first one is on the black doll. Hers a bit more fitted than I wanted. The pink hair got mostly what I was looking to create. An oversized onesie. Though in her case it’s very oversized to where her limbs…

Weekly phone doodle/illustration

I know. So many versions of the same thing. Meh. Something I’ve been doing lately is playing with colors like the hues and saturation of the drawing either with it’s done or close to it.

Ready for summer?

I’ve been trying out different art drawing apps on iPad. These are the results of the doodles.

Playing with shadows

Just wanted to play with exaggerating shadows Do the shadows make directional sense? No. Should I work on learning lighting source? Most certainly. Will I ever do so? Maybe. Maybe not. I do it for fun not money. If I were trying to sell it though, I would need to learn lighting(and other things) Done…

Crochet 🧶 Akita Neru Doll [Throwback]

This Akita Neru was made years ago. It must have been when I first started painting eye details. As the title suggests, a crochet Akita Neru crochet doll. Akita Neru is similar to Vocaloid(I believe she’s an Utauloid, I’m not as into Vocaloids as I used to be) I made her years ago. You can…