Crystal Star [DIY] Tutorial

Crystal Star Yarnplica




A proplica made using yarn as the main medium.

Prop made with yarn as a main medium.

Crafting skill level: Intermediate crochet to advanced.

Required supplies:

  • Pink medium worsted weight yarn. I used the shade perfect pink by Red Heart(RHSS).
  • Puffy Paint in the following colors, metallic gold, gold glitter, yellow, navy blue, red, and pink. I used Tulip Puffy Paint for this.
  • A circular compact mirror. I used a hand me down mirror from a friend.
  • Crystal Star image for reference.
  • Size US B(2.25 mm) hook.
  • Ability to work amigurmi and freehand crochet.
  • Tapestry Needle.
  • Optional, Fiberfill for a mounded top.
  • High Temp. mini hot glue gun and glue sticks. Standard glue gun or low temp mini glue gun will work equally as well. If using a standard, just use less glue.
  • Enemies to fight by moonlight upon transformation~


Step 1~ Mirror bottom(Crystal Star piece A): Start with a magic circle. Single crochet six times for the base. Continue working with single crochets, increasing using your own crochet discretion. Work this side to be as flat as possible. Have your compact mirror nearby for size reference.

Step 2~ Mirror top: For a crystal star without the use of fiberfill, crochet a duplicate of Crystal Star piece A(it will referred to as Crystal Star piece B) . If a mound is desired for filling, add more single crochet increases. Leave a tail on one piece. It will be used to close them up later.

Step 3~ Puff paint details! Be sure to have your reference visible now. Working on Crystal Star piece B, squeeze small amounts of puffy paint of navy blue, yellow, red, and green. For pink, squeeze a slightly large amount for a larger circle. Allow puffy paint to dry. [This may be a good time to binge watch your favorite Moon series or read the manga. Hint, hint…]

Patience– or else~ Puffy paint takes up to four hours to dry fully. However, the pink takes a bit longer After four hours pass, add the crescent moon with gold glitter puffy paint. I suggest overnight drying before adding the metallic gold puffy paint. I added the gold puffy paint a bit too early. As a result, I had to add an extra layer of gold.

Step 4~ Bring out your reference again! Using metallic gold puffy paint, slowly draw the golden details. Surround the crescent moon and other four “crystals” with a medium thin layer of gold. I recommend dabbing five teeny bits of paint on each corner of the circle to create star points. Draw your star. To help with alignment, draw in “V” segments. Allow gold puff paint layer to dry.

Add the gold metallic puffy paint similarly to the direction of the gold scribbles.

Step 5~ Crystal Star A. Adding detail to this area is optional. I doodled golden details and my logo on the back of mine with puffy paint. If desired, add details and allow to dry.

Step 6~ Once Crystal Star A and B are fully dried, add them to each other using the tail left on one Crystal Star and a tapestry needle. Using your mirror for reference, stitch together about the same width as where the mirror folds. This will vary of mirror models.

Step 7~ Bring out your hot glue gun. When it is ready, glue Crystal Star B to the the upper part of your compact mirror. If using fiberfill, add a tiny amount(about a cotton ball size) to prior to gluing. Repeat this for Crystal Star A.

Step 8~ Final step! Flaunt your new Moon Power like there’s no tomorrow!   image

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