Return and Refund Policy

  • Everything is bought as is. No refunds or returns accepted. If you have issues with an order, please email me.


Product FAQ


Q: Are there any crochet goods that you don’t make?

A: Yes, I don’t make blankets of any kind. Baby blankets, afghans, bedding, rugs, ect. Why? I don’t want to, even for a profit.

Q: Can you draw me?

A: I may, if you’re a female. I don’t draw males and cannot. I am NOT a professional artist, I’m a hobbyist.

Buyer policies

For people who browse and/or may be considering a custom orders

Q: How long do I have to make a downpayment?

A: As long as you need. Though beware, the longer you take the less serious I’ll your request.

Q: I don’t like buying from unknown/ not well known sites. Is there any common/trusted marketplaces that I can see and buy your work?

A: I totally understand. All of my products have PayPal check out as an option for payment. If you don’t like PayPal I also accept CashApp as payment. You must specify what you’re buying with those forms. Local buyers: Cash is acceptable.

Mics FAQ

  • I reserve the right to reject requests and orders within reason.
  • I accept Paypal, cash and money orders for local buyers and VIP clients. No checks.
  • Any FAQ is subject to change and may be different on a case by case basis.