Greetings. This info is important so please read thoroughly. In order to keep me happy and customers happy, there are rules that must be followed.

Chances are if you are reading this and have spoken to me, I have told you I don’t sell. Well, it’s true and false. I only work for money. If you asked if I sold and didn’t pay me anything my answer will be no. However, if you pay the answer is maybe. In order to purchase anything from my store, you must register. Only then will you be able to view my store and purchase.



Return and Refund Policy

  • Everything is bought as is. No refunds or returns accepted.


Merchandise FAQ

While I can crochet, knit, draw, and paint many things I don’t do everything. This is a short list, though not everything, that I definitely don’t make and is a sure way to a “no” if requested.

  • Blankets. Of any kind. Baby blankets, afghans, bedding, rugs, ect. Why? I don’t want to, even for a profit.
  • I don’t draw males. I don’t care to learn how to draw them. I’ll leave that up to someone else while I draw my mermaids.
  • Baby anything. hats and booties, I don’t make them.
  • Anything that another artist/knitwear designer or maker currently makes and sells. If you see someone else’s work and they actively sell, don’t request from me to undermine them. That’s rude.



Buyer policies

For people who browse and/or may be considering buying:

  • Firstly, thanks for stopping by~
  • If you see me online or in person and want to purchase, please carefully consider if you solely admire my talent as an artist or if you’d like to own something I make/made . If you request or make a verbal commitment(written if online) and you do not follow through within 21 calendar days, you’ll be white-listed and I will not be open to you ever again Communication is key. This isn’t to dissuade you from seeing my work.
  • (For local buyers, those who see my work offline), you may have been given a business card and told to discuss requests further via email because I will need to be able to communicate with you beyond the hype.
  • To anyone, be aware that I won’t follow up with you to begin orders. Even if you give me your contact info. It is up to you to start the order process. I won’t send you an invoice, a message or anything. Silence and/or non-purchase after a request IS a formal decision, which will result in whitelist.



Other FAQ

  • If you live in a region that the United States legally ships to but you can’t check out, send me a message. I may not have your region selected. I just selected common possibilities.
  •  In order to prevent overbooking slots and/or overworking myself you must contact me for an order instead of just checking out. This only applies to made to order crocheted items or drawings. For ready to ship crocheted merchandise or art merchandise, there are no slots involved.
  • I reserve the right to reject requests and orders within reason.
  • I accept Paypal, cash and money orders for local buyers and VIP clients. No checks. I may be open to barter/trade to local VIP clients.


About Whitelist

  • If I have informed you that you were whitelisted it basically means you are not allowed to buy from me directly anymore because you were disrespectful to me in the past.
  • I reserve the right to whitelist or decline sales to anyone whitelisted or not.