So I felt like making digital art this week(Pix and vid)

Oh hi me! Guess what happened while I recorded the second part of this art, I lost footage by my iPad not saving like 70% of the video. That’s okay though. That’s okay. Computer, I own you. You obey me– oh anyway. So I just finished Jigoku Shoujo (S3). My gosh, it was a doozy. Why? Well, one character. Yuzuki. I loved to hate this chic. Mainly because of her breathing in EVERY GOSH DARN frame she’s in. It’s not like normal loud heavy breathing sounds. It’s like small gasps. Pointless. It’s as if she does that so she doesn’t pull a Akarin disappearance. Yeah, girl you’d be a side character if it weren’t for the fact that Enma possessed you.

I am trying out this video editing software called Lightworks. That’s how the video above was made. It had a few learning curves. I’m satisfied overall.

Here are the completed versions of the art, in image format.

I know how much you adore them. Giving you made them your iPhone and iPad’s wallpaper.

Keep creating art, eat lots of sushi and cake, make A’s on your schoolwork and stay awesome~

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