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Her name is Aoko. She’s not from any specific show or anything. She was inspired by eating hot cheetos. Not really. Just something spicy. She’s available for sale here on my website as well as on Etsy. Though be advised that on Etsy she has a shipping cost of $13 added into the listing price….

Toshiro Hitsugaya Amigurumi Plush

Aaaw he is going to chop you up with his sword. He is very threatening. He is very dangerous. –Because he’s so gosh darn cute. He thinks he’s gonna cut someone. In reality, he can’t harm a fly. You know, being made of yarn and having a plastic play sword isn’t effective for battle. But…

That time I made a crochet Ball Jointed Doll

I saw this on Pinterest. Pretty neat idea if you ask me~ Embedding from Pinterest is not working. >:U   So because I’m a visual person and can’t speak or read Russian I made up how the joints work. My method on her is a bit on the loose side but it still works. Her…


What happens when you cross the pokemon Mimikyu with a pug? Awesomeness and cuteness. That’s what.