🧶♥️Sailor Venus Amigurumi ♥️🧶

She’s my latest doll in the making. I tried using spray paint this time as my usual method is time-consuming. It works but the scent is strong. I may want to invest in an air spray system that can use acrylic paints. I felt her legs were stubby. So I added some length to it….

Sailor Jupiter Amigurumi joins the gang

A photo collage of periodic points of making her. Some shots were taken at night because weekends are the only time I can take photos in the day time. Her mouth went through a few iterations. And the whole gang so far. Next I’ll be adding Sailor Venus. Next weekend I’ll be uploading the video…

The evolution of my amigurumi(and new doll introduction)

Oh hey there you. MikuSama here! Hope you’re having a bubbly day! My latest doll–er at least one of them, since I started another one– is Sakura! That pink hair screams a sakura blossom to me. Yes, she’s modeled heavily off of Kaname Madoka. I do intend to make her a magical transformation of Madoka. My…

My not-so-stellar experience selling crocheted stuff

Disclaimer: This blog post is not meant to dissuade or discourage anyone out there who sells their crochet work or dreams of doing so. If you find your efforts are paying off, by all means, go make a killing!!  Hi. If you’ve spoken to me within that last couple of years, you’d know I’m very…

Amigurumi Saitama and friends[Lookbook]

I think Saitama may be a ladies’ man. Watch out!! She’s more than willing to lead him sto tray from the hero realm– to the yarn store!!!! I adore the details on him. It looks so spot on cartoon style!! Saitama does not seem down with the whole friend selfie thing. A family of Christmas…

Toshiro Hitsugaya Amigurumi Plush

Aaaw he is going to chop you up with his sword. He is very threatening. He is very dangerous. –Because he’s so gosh darn cute. He thinks he’s gonna cut someone. In reality, he can’t harm a fly. You know, being made of yarn and having a plastic play sword isn’t effective for battle. But…

Amigurumi Artemis and Luna photo gallery

Everyone crocheter should crochet a cat. It’s like a right of passage. You crochet a granny square then a cat. Then you crochet a hoard of them and wonder what you’re doing with your life. Introducing Luna and Artemis. Because of reasons. I gave them to my cousin for Christmas of 2016. Freehand amigurumi cats.

Photoshoot of amigurumi doll, Ran~

Hey, Homura. There sure isn’t anything unusual about these photos at a fast food place. Nope. Nothing at all. Every day at a restaurant there will be an adorable amigurumi doll dining in and play Mario Kart on a 3DS for a few minutes. …oh that’s not the case? Oops. 😅<<<< gt;<<< ><< p>< /p>

Aya and the yogi

Aya, the bronie, threatened to throw a tantrum if I didn’t take her to my yoga class Tuesday. I can’t say no to my little sister’s cuteness…. So she went. It was her first or second(who knows what dolls do when you sleep) yoga session and she mastered the cobra pose. Go, Aya!

Yuri on Ice Amigurumi Art Dolls 

A request from my cousin. I watched a few episodes of this anime and dropped it. It wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m not too big into sports anime. I watched it purely to learn a bit about the characters she requested. [huge_it_slider id=”1″] While these dolls are reserved, if you or someone you know…