Promo: Crochet Dolls in Onesies

, I thought making onesies for my plushies would be a cute new addition. My first one is on the black doll. Hers a bit more fitted than I wanted. The pink hair got mostly what I was looking to create. An oversized onesie. Though in her case it’s very oversized to where her limbs…

That time I made a crochet Ball Jointed Doll

I saw this on Pinterest. Pretty neat idea if you ask me~ Embedding from Pinterest is not working. >:U   So because I’m a visual person and can’t speak or read Russian I made up how the joints work. My method on her is a bit on the loose side but it still works. Her…


What happens when you cross the pokemon Mimikyu with a pug? Awesomeness and cuteness. That’s what.

Princess Serenity Fanmade Crochet Doll

This adorable Princess Serenity was fun to make. I bought some cosplay earrings from Hot Topic that made a perfect addition to the doll. She’s a collector fan made doll. I want to remake my Venus doll as she isn’t the same size as my other scouts. Enjoy a moment of Princess Usagi confused in…

🧶♥️Sailor Venus Amigurumi ♥️🧶

She’s my latest doll in the making. I tried using spray paint this time as my usual method is time-consuming. It works but the scent is strong. I may want to invest in an air spray system that can use acrylic paints. I felt her legs were stubby. So I added some length to it….