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Fanart Friday

[Fanart Friday’s] Lazy weekend Gaia avatars.

I’ve been rather bored in the transitional period of my life. I have my Mac and my touchscreen laptop with me with limited internet connection(only on my iPhone).

So I kill time listening to music or listening to YouTube videos and playing around with art programs. Open source softwares used include Gimp, FireAlpaca, and Sketchbook by Autodesk for scanning.

Air drop has never been more appreciated. I was able to download FireAlpaca on my iPhone, air drop it to my Mac, then transfer it to my windows machine using a thumb drive. Obviously this is a lot of extra steps that a home internet connection would remedy but I’m in a transitional period.


Drawings Watercolor art

Avatar art, new markers, and May Sketchbook Tour 

Two avatar art portraits of Gaiaonline users. One my own, another a user from a forum. 

So I like to color. I have been coloring some older artwork that I drew a few years ago and kept in a sketchbook. I drew them on computer paper so I couldn’t use my extensive set of watercolor to color them and I’ve grown distant from my Crayola waterbased markers. I began using alcohol based markers in 2017. I’ve bought a flesh Copic marker, as well as a Prismacolor one. I fell in love with them. However, I don’t have the budget for Copic or Prismacolor markers as far as sets go. Each marker costs $7 or so. Coloring is a hobby, I’m not making a single dime from any of my artwork. So I don’t want to spend a lot of money on them for my own entertainment. So I did what any budget conscious artistic consumer would do–search for alternatives! Yay! I came across these Ohuhu markers on Amazon. A set of 40 costs a little over $20. So I said yes(or I bought them). I like them and have very few gripes with them. The Ohuhu markers lack the ability to layer shadows well for lighter colors. Copic and Prismacolor ones did better in comparison. I can, however, use a nearby shade for shadows, as seen on Yaten. I used a gray Sharpie on her hair. Blending also works okay.

Here’s a short video of selected artwork from the months of May and April of 2017.

I absolutely adore Mark, the Galaxy haired alien dude. Yeah, he’s a dude. I outlined him in purple instead of my usual black and love how it turned out.

Anyways, keep making awesome art and keep up the good work!!