Shop Promo: Crochet Doll Xpressions|Photo Gallery chibi Aoko

Her name is Aoko. She’s not from any specific show or anything. She was inspired by eating hot cheetos. Not really. Just something spicy. She’s available for sale here on my website as well as on Etsy. Though be advised that on Etsy she has a shipping cost of $13 added into the listing price….

This week in paint and yarn

  Some things has been cooking in the house of MikuMarmalade. You know, when she isn’t answering calls at work. Call center life, y’all. I have been writing on this site for a little over a year now, after having to remake it due a cyberstalker. It’s an ex-friend type, not romantic. So I won’t…

Promo: Crochet Dolls in Onesies

, I thought making onesies for my plushies would be a cute new addition. My first one is on the black doll. Hers a bit more fitted than I wanted. The pink hair got mostly what I was looking to create. An oversized onesie. Though in her case it’s very oversized to where her limbs…

Ready for summer?

I’ve been trying out different art drawing apps on iPad. These are the results of the doodles.

Chibi Moe Natsuya

Dabbling in a bit of digital art on my phone. I will say it’s nicer to draw on an iPhone 8 Plus. Buuuuut I’m very accustomed to drawing on an iPhone 6 so I have a bit of practice with smaller screens. Of course I don’t do the line art on my phone by itself….