Promo: Crochet Dolls in Onesies

, I thought making onesies for my plushies would be a cute new addition. My first one is on the black doll. Hers a bit more fitted than I wanted. The pink hair got mostly what I was looking to create. An oversized onesie. Though in her case it’s very oversized to where her limbs…


What happens when you cross the pokemon Mimikyu with a pug? Awesomeness and cuteness. That’s what.

Princess Serenity Fanmade Crochet Doll

This adorable Princess Serenity was fun to make. I bought some cosplay earrings from Hot Topic that made a perfect addition to the doll. She’s a collector fan made doll. I want to remake my Venus doll as she isn’t the same size as my other scouts. Enjoy a moment of Princess Usagi confused in…

🧶 Hello Kitty 🧶

🎵Hello kitty, kitty. You’re so pretty, pretty. 🎵 K-k-k-kawaii!! Okay I’ll stop…. Hello kitty, you’re so pretty〜🎵 Crocheted cat that was commissioned for $25. I asked for $30 but $25 is better than $0. Which is what most people pay when they ask for stuff. Thus why I almost never commission anything.