Minamoto Sakura Watercolor Chibi Art

I’m on episode 11(latest as of writing this post) of Zombie Land Saga. This is fan art is one of the main characters, Minamoto Sakura. This idol show is not your typical idol show(most of the idol anime puts me to sleep, the character designs are where my interest starts and ends) It’s funny, it’s…

Zephyr, the elf princess

Zephyr-sama! You shall be a great leader one day — stop teasing your brothers please! Zephyr is a princess of an underworld. The species of ogres and elves is vast when it comes to appearances. Some will literally give you nightmares if you look at them(they kinda enjoy that ability though.) Others, like Zephyr, you…

A rad punk Miku look(watercolor painting)

You seem to replace your brain with your heart– oh wait… wrong singer. Miku is wearing a heart purse, it’s supposed to look semi-realistic but have an element of fantasy to it. That’s why on her shirt there’s no heart. We all know what’s inside of her purse as well– a wallet, cell phone, keys,…

Toadette+ Juri Crossover

Hey, Homura!! I have a riddle for you! What happens when you mix a street fighter with a Mushroom Kingdom citizen? Watch the video and find out~

Jigoku Usagi(crossover art)

Another fan art crossover of Hell Girl(Jigoku Shoujo) and something else. In this installment, it is Usagi Tsukino, better known as Sailor Moon. I am liking this more than Jigoku Miku. Perhaps it’s the moon background. Anywho, which crossover from Hell will I create next? Mwuhahahahaa– *chokes on leek*

Jigoku Miku(crossover art)

  A grunge filter makes it look aged. Added creepy factor. 😈 I’m watching Jigoku Shoujo season 4 at the moment. I decided to draw Miku as Jigoku Shoujo. It’s such a good show. I’m really not accustomed to drawing my eyes in this style. It was a challenge which I can see rather clearly….

Behold– a cat girl!~

Because the world could always use another portrait of a cat girl.~ I love how I colored her in greyscale colours. I’ve never done that before. If I ever wanted to not have colour I’d digitally take the color away, using a desaturation tool on a photo editing software.

Fan Art Friday’s! Ezra from Fairy Tail[Photo Spread]

Today is the day that I will draw something that I’m proud of!! -Grateful that it turned out well. Yeah go me! It’s Lightening Equip Ezra Scarlet from Fairy Tail.   Tons of reference photos from the internet.

Fan Art Friday’s!!! Lucy Heartfilia Watercolor

So I’m boarding the transfer bus this fine Thursday morning to college. The usual. I bring my sketchbook with no prior plan on what to draw. While I wait for the bus to leave the terminal I ponder on what I want to draw. I want to search the Pinterest machine to inspiration but my…

The red headed MikuMarmalade avatar

Avatar originates from website Gaiaonline   Oh boy did I enjoy drawing that hair. I accidentally painted a horn red forgetting it was a horn and not another spike. I formally blame this on watching anime while painting. Moral of the story, don’t paint and watch TV kiddos. Red stuff gets in undesirable places. Mwuhahahaha.

Hachune Miku grows up?! 

*Le gasp* Such adorable is Hachune Miku. What if she had a manga face?! I have dabbled into using some new watercolor brushes. They hold water, which is great for travel. Hint, hint, you should get some if you enjoy Watercolor or inking and don’t already own  a closet full of them. Because everyone knows…

Chizuru wants cheese? If mice looked moe….

In fantasy land, because mice are not this cute in real life. You’re baking a cheesecake and you leave your kitchen for a moment. When you return you find Chizuru here licking her fingers. There’s no evidence your pie was harmed. Do you give Chizuru cheese? I’m currently working on amping my chibi painting moe…

The Tama chan(Happy Fan art Friday)

Warning: Semi spoiler ahead after image itself.  Reference photo Fan art from series Magical Girl Raising Project.  How would Tama look when she grew up if Swim Swim didn’t massacre her after finding out her true identity? She’s be a voluptuous shy grown Tama, still digging holes somewhere and hopefully avoiding Swim Swim. The original…

Nemurin WatercolorFan Art

Fan Art Friday, y’all! Nemurin special! Heads up, minor spoilers of the anime Magical Girl Project Raising in the blog post after the picture. So earlier this year I watched the anime Magical Girl Raising Project. I loved it. That means ah-bviously I must make fan art. Okay, not really. I make fan art when I really…

Mermaid Sailor Venus Watercolor 

Happy Tuesday! Mer-Minako  looks quite bubbly and happy~ I accidentally painted her hair too dark. She’s a dirty blonde instead of a sunshine yellow blonde. What genius idea to add light brown as a shadow color. Anyway, I’m pleased to announce that I will be re-opening my shop soon. I’ll be adding art prints for…

Crochet Harley Quinn Wig (How-To)

Oh hey! Last year I cosplayed as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. This blog post is sharing the how to create a creative spin hair for a Harley Quinn cosplay– crochet the wig, similar to the cabbage patch wigs–but way cooler and dye the ends. An unworn, undyed wig. This is my Miku one. For…

What happens when you cross Ibuki with Sheik?

I thought it seemed like an awesome crossover fanart idea. I’m pleased with the results. The theme song on the video does sound like theme music you’d hear as Link approaches some dungeon.