The trend is on(crochet crop top)

I’m not a trend follower or anything. I am trying to make a quick buck to pay off loans(it’s available for sale in a local boutique, not online) Also, those leggings. They aren’t cutting it. Again, not a look I personally go for.  

Amigurumi Artemis and Luna photo gallery

Everyone crocheter should crochet a cat. It’s like a right of passage. You crochet a granny square then a cat. Then you crochet a hoard of them and wonder what you’re doing with your life. Introducing Luna and Artemis. Because of reasons. I gave them to my cousin for Christmas of 2016. Freehand amigurumi cats.

Behold– a cat girl!~

Because the world could always use another portrait of a cat girl.~ I love how I colored her in greyscale colours. I’ve never done that before. If I ever wanted to not have colour I’d digitally take the color away, using a desaturation tool on a photo editing software.