Ready for summer?

I’ve been trying out different art drawing apps on iPad. These are the results of the doodles.

Princess Serenity Fanmade Crochet Doll

This adorable Princess Serenity was fun to make. I bought some cosplay earrings from Hot Topic that made a perfect addition to the doll. She’s a collector fan made doll. I want to remake my Venus doll as she isn’t the same size as my other scouts. Enjoy a moment of Princess Usagi confused in…

🧶 Hello Kitty 🧶

🎵Hello kitty, kitty. You’re so pretty, pretty. 🎵 K-k-k-kawaii!! Okay I’ll stop…. Hello kitty, you’re so pretty〜🎵 Crocheted cat that was commissioned for $25. I asked for $30 but $25 is better than $0. Which is what most people pay when they ask for stuff. Thus why I almost never commission anything.

Playing with shadows

Just wanted to play with exaggerating shadows Do the shadows make directional sense? No. Should I work on learning lighting source? Most certainly. Will I ever do so? Maybe. Maybe not. I do it for fun not money. If I were trying to sell it though, I would need to learn lighting(and other things) Done…