This week in paint and yarn

  Some things has been cooking in the house of MikuMarmalade. You know, when she isn’t answering calls at work. Call center life, y’all. I have been writing on this site for a little over a year now, after having to remake it due a cyberstalker. It’s an ex-friend type, not romantic. So I won’t…

Promo: Crochet Dolls in Onesies

, I thought making onesies for my plushies would be a cute new addition. My first one is on the black doll. Hers a bit more fitted than I wanted. The pink hair got mostly what I was looking to create. An oversized onesie. Though in her case it’s very oversized to where her limbs…

That time I made a crochet Ball Jointed Doll

I saw this on Pinterest. Pretty neat idea if you ask me~ Embedding from Pinterest is not working. >:U   So because I’m a visual person and can’t speak or read Russian I made up how the joints work. My method on her is a bit on the loose side but it still works. Her…


What happens when you cross the pokemon Mimikyu with a pug? Awesomeness and cuteness. That’s what.

Weekly phone doodle/illustration

I know. So many versions of the same thing. Meh. Something I’ve been doing lately is playing with colors like the hues and saturation of the drawing either with it’s done or close to it.